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to monitor the elections in the u.s.. somesome calling to cut off funds tut un once and for all. we debate and you decide . don't mess with texas. on election day un will be monitoring poling station and texas general said if they overstep texas law he will arrest them and not just texas florida congressman calling to cut u.s. funds to the un over this issue. >> we don't need the un we have a federal election commission and by the way, the un has no jurisdiction over the u.s. election . you know the new york rubber room for teachers. they are a rubber room for general motor bureaucracy. they never cared. they get mon yethere is fraud and abuse. >> isn't there manage wrong with them monitoring our election. >> if there is, how come they haven't complained. it does raise the question. what are they so worried about somebody seeing. there are organizations you may disagree with organizations. but they are concerned about voters suppression and want member there to keep an eye on it. >> a lot of them are concerned about frankly is that obama might lose the election. it is that simple. >> yes,
know rick disputes this and the president disputes this but according to a totally nonpartisan group, u.s. energy information administration, total oil, gas and coal production in public areas plunged from 18 quad drillen btu -- excuse me, 21 billion btu to 18. that's a big drop, a 15% drop. we've seen less oil, coal, and gas production on public lands. >> maybe so but i would also say that's irrelevant. the problem with this discussion is we're talking about a national energy policy. we don't have a national shoe policy or national computer policy or national policy for breakfast cereal but we get all three with ease. we're awash in oil around the world. oil is expensive because the dollar is cheap. even if every oil producer in the world embargoed us, let's get out of national policy and let markets work. >> if we let markets work will gas prices come down? >> the problem is we're dependented on the middle east for oil. and president obama is a president of the united states, not the the of opec. in that case, he doesn't have much control over oil prices. and i have to agree with rick o
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)